Eyes on Eagles

2018 Berkeley Eagles

Congratulations to our appointed coaches:

  • Mick Shipp: Head Coach
  • Chad Blanch: First Grade
  • Brett Shipp: Second Grade
  • Simon Lewer: Third Grade
  • Bat Boy: Johnny Manessi

Thanks for your nominations.

Preseason Training will begin 11/2/2018 2pm, for all new and returning players. 


2017 Highlights


Round 4 of the season and all three grades finally played their first game of the season. Eagles faced off against Cardinals at Cringila. 


2017 Coaches

The following Coaches have been appointed for the upcoming 2017 baseball season. 

The club executive would like to thank the outgoing coaches for all their hard work, time and experience that they have contributed to the Berkeley Eagles.

Thank you to those who nominated for the current positions. 






The AGM was held on the 17/11/2016. Thank you to the departing Executive and Ordinary members for their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment over the 2015 - 2016 season. 



Our Junior season is now finished we look forward to the start of the  2017/2018 season, October 2017.



2015 - 2016 Presentation Night

The Annual Berkeley Eagles Presentation Night was held on the 14th of October at the Dandy. Each grade nominated players for awards, such as golden glove (fielding award), most K2's, most errors and the batting award.


2017-  Season Round 5, 29/04/2017




Location - Fred Finch Park


Tuesday's @ 4:00pm 

Fielding and Hitting


Friday's @ 4:00pm

Batting Practice

Post games drinks

The 'BALL SACK' just keeps jackpotting! Someone has to get lucky soon, so lets all get back to the DANDY to not only try and win some cash, but to celebrate together as a team!


'BALL SACK' will be on again this saturday after a small break we've had recently. Please make an effort to get back to the DANDY and help support the club that supports us!!!