13/5/15- With first grade having the BYE, 3rd and 2nd Grade did well to represent the club against Kiama. 3's having a tough fought battle were unlucky to come away with the win, fighting back hard to take the lead in the last inning going ahead by 2runs. Unfortunate that Braves fought back to win by one. 2nd Grade had a cruisy day at the office once we woke up into action after having 2 lazy first innings. Well played by most, special mention to Blake learning how to use the whole field while at the plate coming away with a few clutch hits, Luke well pitched once again getting better with each inning you pitch, Doyle coming down late to roll his arm over, and to the old reliable Lewy, Pat, and Phil doing the job wherever you're put and moving guys over when at the plate.

30/5/15- Another tough day at the office for 3rd and 1st grade, with errors creeping into our performance and lack of hitting it makes it hard on ourselves to win ball games. On a positive note 2nd Grade played their most competitive game seen in atleast 2years in my opinion. With Phil starting again throwing his gravity-spinners we were able to minimise Cardinals attack. Some great plays in the field by Barber at short, complimented by Blake's impressive glove work at first base which saved ALOT of extra bases. Towards the end of the game some tactical changes had to be made and fortunately everyone understood that and did their part for the TEAM to come away victorious. Scott being understandable sitting down to allow Shipp to come in and close, Tom moving to 2nd, and Blake moving to left field for us all helped in getting the win. The game was awesome to be involved in, the guys being positive and loud the whole game helped tremendously which we have not seen for a while, it gave our team the spark we need to win the game and be competitive week in and week out. Just to wrap it up there were some great at bats in the box by Blake fighting off some good pitches to come up with a hit and advance runners, and Lewy swinging a "HOT STICK" to come up with a hit to WIN the game. At the end of the day everyone did their job for the team and we got a win against a competitive team well done all.

23/5/15- Well with the weather lending a hand once again 3rd and 2nd grade were unfortunately washed out. Fortunately 1st Grade were able to play thanks to a huge effort to Pirates for their hard work trying to get as many games on as possible.

Unfortunately it was a day to forget for our guys, with a slow start to our preparation due to being unclear whether we would play or not. It definitely showed we were not prepared as well as we would have liked. With welcoming back Guinard on the hill he was unable to go the distance pulling up a little sore as expected with having not played for a while. Another great job by Browny coming on to relieve showing very little emotion on the hill, he was just cruising along throwing strikes. Great job Luke. Hopfully next week with a few key players coming back we can come out firing and wake up our bats and score a bunch!

16/5/15- 3rd Grade- With the 2nd win in a row, all played well across the diamond! Excellent display from Graeme on the mound once again. With the bats heating up a little we were able to walk away with the win!!! Well done everyone.

2nd Grade- Crilly starting on the hill doing a hell of a job for us once again going as far as he could, before doubling up for 1s. Then old reliable Phil coming on to throw some spinners. Great job both of you, kept us in the game. Just need to overcome the curse of starting strong then hitting cruise mode only to be woken up towards then end when it's too late most of the time. Did well to battle back I must say! (Just watching 1st grades habbits i think)

1st grade- Jumped out to an early lead answering chiefs run in the top of the 1st with 3 of our own. An awesome start by Luke Brown on the hill again. With Doyle being pretty strong considering his lack of innings this year. Batting wasn't up to standard but our pitching and defence was strong enough to get us the draw. Also must say it's like poetry in motion watching Sammy and Hosie turning the double play, smooth as boys keep it up. (Pat is lacking some orgasms).

9/5/15- After about 6weeks off we were back on top. All 3 grades walking away with wins on the day. We were all a little rusty only having played 2 games all year with a 6 week break didnt help anyone, but for those who put in the effort to get to our 3 training days we could tell your bodies were thanking you.

28/3/15 - Round 2 against Dapto Chiefs

We didn't have the best day at the park, but some good things definitely came from it.

Starting with 3rd grade, we fought hard in a close game till the end but unfortunately couldn't quite shut them out. Chiefs coming away with the win but they had to battle for it.

2nd grade - Doyle back on the hill for the first time this year but wasn't an ideal day. Struggling early with some rust to still shake off, combined with errors in the field made it hard for us to come away with the win. 

1st grade- We let Chiefs get an early lead with too many fundemental errors costing us at the end of the day, with Dapto scoring 4 runs in the first and 1 in the second we managed to shut them out the rest of the game. But with us only scoring 1 run until the last inning we left it to late to battle back for the win. Sloany once again threw a good game for us being relieved by Luke both shutting out chiefs giving us a chance to fight back.

On a positive note the peanut gallery was loud and proud cheering us on trying to get us going for the come back. Lewy, Phil, Troy, Wokka, Pat, Kev, Brett, Kara

Also thank you to 2nd grades spectators- Tom's family, Jamieson famiy, kara, Louis (Lisa), Lisa King, and nina scoring.

21/3/15 - OPENING DAY

Finally the season opener was played and we had a great club vibe yesterday. Unfortunately 3rd Grade couldn't quite get the win, was obvious there was some rust still on the bodies. 

2nd and 1st grade had good wins, all swinging the bat and scoring runs. Glad to see we didn't do our usual and go to sleep after scoring early runs. A good pitching display from Crilly in 2s and Sloany in 1st grade, followed by Luke getting the job done while struggling with the condition of the mound.

Was good to see everyone out to support us, of course having a few life memebers in the stands, Sharpy, T.D, Wokka, and George. Thanks to them, Stan and Mark for raking the field between games.

A special thanks to all who doubled up: Lewy, Crilly, Barber, Matt, and Mitch 

15/3/15 - Another decent turn out today for our last pre-season of 2015. From here on in its GAME TIME. First game against Shoalhaven Mariners @ Fred Finch park (eagle field) on Saturday 21/3, bring family and friends. 

I'll see everyone on tuesday afternon between 4 and 6pm for training

8/3/15 - Last regular training session before next weeks last pre-season scrimage game.

More people turning up which is always good to see, the arms are looking almost rust free and ready to play. A big thank you to Pat Brienen again for rolling the infield it is alot better now. (just asks Graemes knee)

Reminder the 15th March is our last run through and our 2nd scrimage game, so all please make an effort to make it and bring along anyone who would like to join in and play for us.


1/3/15  -  Eagles scrimage game

All showed up looking fit today keen to get some game time under their belt preparing for the season.

 Well thrown by Rob Hill and Josh Doyle on the mound preparing themselves for the strong year ahead.


Also some much improved hitters in the box, listening and adjusting to advice.



13/6 - Not many back at the pub on Saturday, thanks to Lewy + kids, Phil, Shippy, Eryn, Stan and the family for making an effort. As of our meeting on Friday night the 'BALL SACK' will now be helping out the club most weeks, once the 'kitty' is over $50 the winner will recieve half of it with the other half going towards the club.

30/5 - We have jackpotted again, giving us i believe $50 in the kitty for next weeks draw.

It's good to see we get atleast 10-15 people back to our sponsor DANDALOO HOTEL each week but unfortunately it is the same people week in and week out. All we ask is try your best to show your face for as long as you can, whether that be for 1 soft drink, a couple of beers and a meal, or there until close, it does not matter. All we need to do is show our faces/ club colours to ensure our ongoing sponsorship so please help out.


23/5 - Thanks to everyone who came back to celebrate Shippy's birthday, he made the most of it venturing back to Lewy's house.

The ball sack has been emptied!!!!!! Congratulations Helen.J. on winning $200 cash, despite a lot of criticism going to Troy for pulling out the number...more to the point for pulling out Helen's and not theirs. Great night.

16/5 - We have JACKPOTTED once again, with the arrival of our new ballsack the kitty is now up to $130. So after this weeks games get back to the DANDALOO and buy yourself a $5 number and have a chance of winning the nights takings with an extra $130 added on (must be there to win). On another note if you dont like money for some reason, come back for some drinks to celebrate Shippy's birthday. If you don't like him, well that's completely understandable. lol.

9/5 - Great to see a large crowd back at the Dandy to celebrate our 3 wins across the board. With a few free beers at the courtesy of the pub. With our "Lucky number BALL SACK" jackpotting, this weeks post game drinks there will be a chance of winning an extra $75 on top of the nights takings so lets all make an effort to get down and show our face.

28/3 - Another great showing of faces back at the Dandy showing our appreciation of Dandaloo's continuous support. Our first Lucky number draw went off last night, after Lewy auditing the balls Shippy was declared the winner walking away with $75. See everyone back there in 2 weeks.

21/3 - A great turn out back at the Dandy, having a mixture of players and families making a large group for our sponsors support.

Next week is the start of our lucky number draw, there will be numbers available to buy $5 each (one per person, per week). The lucky number that gets drawn will win the total money in the kitty or it will jack-pot if there is no winner. Reserved for Eagles/ families only