2017 Season


First Grade Report - Eagles V Pirates (L)
22/7/17 Eagles Vs Pirates L 13-8 Errors early on in the game hurt us last week and they proved costly again this week against the pirates.
Individually we are a better team then the pirates but they just keep proving to us that no matter how good you are individually if you don't play as a team you won't win ball games.
They make all their defensive plays and don't leave many runners left on base and they continue to be the bench mark team of the competition.
I am confident on our day nobody in this competition can stop us we can only keep beating ourselves
The boys showed some ticker which was pleasing to get ourselves back into the game but the pirates were just to strong
Julian and Browny were great out of the pen and hosie was outstanding behind the dish
A big thank you to Brett and Daz for hanging around and backing us up
And thank you to everyone who helped in the canteen


Second Grade BYE


Third Grade Report - Eagles V Pirates
The best two innings we have played this year. Fabulous hitting especially from Graeme with two triples backed up with excellent pitching from Graeme again. Injury hit Graeme and our replacement pitcher Dom so Troy stepped in to do a great job limiting the Pirates hitters. We had an excellent hitting game which put us 4-2 ahead after two innings, but then the loss of our pitchers allowed Pirates to score just enough runs to beat us by a few runs. A really positive game for us with glimpses of what we can do if we keep our pitching healthy.
Game Report 24/6/2017 - 

First Grade Report - Eagles V Chiefs (W) 8-3

It was great to get back out there with the boys and put in a good performance like that after last weeks disappointing loss. I thought we were really good yesterday and it showed with a convincing 8-3 win. It shows this year that we are a really strong side and are going to be hard to beat in the finals. We had our 3 Canberra boys out yesterday which made the victory even sweeter knowing we can beat teams comfortably even without our strongest 9. It was great seeing Ben Shepard back in the Berkeley colours after 10 years away from the club and he didn't look like he had missed a season hitting, a double and a home run in 2nd grade and coming in the 6th inning in first grade to hit a nice shot to left field, he is going to be a great addition to our first grade squad. A big thank you to Daz for doubling up, played a great game at 2nd base and swung the bat well. Barney was outstanding again, going 7 innings and getting the Win and all his runs were unearned again. I would be very surprised if Barney’s ERA was over 2.00. for the season. Tim Atherton came on to close the game out throwing the 8th and the 9th and grab himself another save and help secure the win. A big thank you to Tritto, my beautiful wife and all the other members of the club who helped out in the canteen. And a big thank you to Stanley for how great the ground looked yesterday. Stand out performers: Shippy 3 from 4 and 2RBIs Shannon Crilly 2 from 5 Barney 7 innings from 6 hits Jackson with a 2 out 2 RBI single

Second Grade Report - Eagles V Chiefs (L) 6 - 4

Score: 6 runs to 4, Chiefs – Win
Hits: Ben Shepherd – 2, Mitch ray – 2, Chris Lewis – 1, Scott Murphy – 1, Phil Dellorefice – 1, Warra Sparidaans – 1, Adam Doyle – 1, Dom Lewer – 1.
Team totals: 10 Hits, 3 walks, 8 K2s, 0 errors.
Pitching: Darran O’Connell – 106 pitches, 40 balls, 66 strikes, 28 batters, 9 hits, 4 walks, 5 K2s
The story: We out-hit Chiefs 10, hits to 9, they made 1 error, we made 0, we left 5 runs stranded and they left 7. So any one would probably think we win that game. It all came down to when things happened.
They bunched together 4 hits and a walk, then 3 hits and 3 walks, then 2 hits to score their runs, whilst we put together a rally of 3 hits, then a nice HR by that new guy, then 2 walks and a hit to score our runs.
So they had a good scoring rally at the beginning of the game and then another towards the end where we had our best rally in the middle and a smaller one at end.
A good job on the hill by Darran with Scott once again looking after the dish well. We just need to find a way to put more rallies together in our game, or bat consistently through the game for wins to start rolling for us, everything else we do is good. Our team support, chat, enthusiasm and comedy is all making a good team, we just need that 1 more thing to tie it all up.
Welcome back Ben Shepherd, nice way to announce your arrival, - leadoff double, left field Home Run, 3 fine catches.
Injury report – Scott Murphy may need his silicone implant replaced soon if he keeps taking balls to the chest area, (though we didn’t detect any Brienen squeal before impact).
Party Waz may be a bit slower in the mosh pit now, with a torn Hamstring. This is a common injury amongst athletes and some of them are wondering how Waz got one.
Good numbers seen at the Dandy afterwards, well done all.
Congrats to Darran’s mum “Jenny” on clocking up 70 years service to the human race !
Don’t forget training and BP during the week if you can make it, next week Eagles play cards at Cringila in 1’s and 3’s while we play Chiefs again, also at Cringila. - Brett.

Third Grade Report - Eagles V Mariners (L)

Another battle v our great rivals, the Shoalhaven Mariners, saw us start well with the bat but not enough to keep up with the heavy hitting from the top of the order of the Mariners. We struggled to beat the poorer hitters in the Mariner's lineup and subsequently they became runs as their better hitters drove them in.
The bottom of the opposition order is where we need to make more outs so we will be focusing on this next game. Our improved hitting has been built around minimising strikeouts, ie not getting deep and behind in the count and if we do struggle, putting the ball in play with 2 strikes. We had a hiccup this week with too many strikeouts. We will get back to working on this next game.
Every player did a couple of nice positive things in the last week's game but not enough against a strong opposition. To beat the Mariners we need all players hitting every at bat and staying ahead in the count when pitching, and of course controlling their lower order.
This week v Cringilla sees us again playing a free swinging and running team so we need to pitch and support our pitchers by converting opportunities into outs. And hopefully we will get an umpire....or two! - Simon Lewer
Game Report 13/5/17 Round 6 (Game 3)
First Grade Report - Eagles V Chief’s . Great effort from our boys today, really enjoyable to watch what our team is capable of doing when we turn it on. We've set the standard for the season now and I expect nothing less then that performance for the rest of the season. I can't speak highly enough of Barney and what he does for this team week in week out. He just gives everything to this team and leaves nothing in the tank, he threw an outstanding 8 innings today. Defensively we were great today and I can't single out any outstanding performances with the stick because everyone contributed to that 9 run win today. Bring on Game 4.
Second Grade Report- Eagles V Chief’s, 15 to 5 Win for the Eagles on a nice day for a ball game. Great effort for some 2nd graders to be there prior to 3rds starting, to assist in setting up our Pop-Up canteen for the day and getting things rolling.Nice work by Mick and Sharpee to make this happen, with great work by Tina, Lachlan, Angus and Chris. Sorry if I missed anyone while 2’s were playing but great job everyone. Volunteers and workers like this will go a long way to helping the club this season.
A good roll up for 2’s against Chiefs with only S. Murphy having to work and Lewy having a rest with his injured knee, but still there to be part of it. Tom stepped up to cover the dish for us and did a very enthusiastic job, good work.
Daz gave us a great start on the hill, 26 balls and 32 strikes, 3 hits from 16 batters, 4 K2’s and 2 BB. Nice work Daz. Dom closed for us with 20 balls, 17 strikes, 2 hits from 10 batters. This was very well supported with good hitting by the entire team.
Pat, Vinnie and Waz leading the way with 2 hits each, lots of singles and good contact by everyone else. Good base running and enthusiastic participation by all during the entire game. Nice work Bat Boys. Not a lot of work in the field for everyone, with only 11 plays to be made and no errors.
Well done 2’s, next week we have Pirates at home, workers needed for our home canteen and don’t forget to bring your lumber like we did this week.
Third Grade Report - Eagles V Mariners
After a very poor start in defence, we settled down to play some very good baseball and in fact won the second half of the game. Our outfielding was patchy. We need to convert the opportunities we are given by our pitching to make outs. Graeme Miller was excellent after a shaky start and again picked off 4 runners. Kev has found his hitting groove and Troy continues to hit well. Johnny picked up a hit and scored a run and played outfield well for us all day. Vic was solid at third base which was nice. Let's work on our hitting and improve in taking out fielding opportunities and keep up the great positive attitude we have....it will pay off, Looking forward to an improvement against Pirates next week.
29/4/2017 Round 5 - (Game 2 Played)
Eagles V Pirates @ Dalton Park (Game Transferred)
Third Grade Report - Coach S Lewer.
Unfortunately nowhere near the standard we are aiming for this week v Pirates. Our defense was poor. Too many balls thrown and more errors than completed fielding plays. The combination of the two meant we were always going to struggle. Highlights were Matt picking up 2 for 2 as our DH. Excellent hitting Matt. Good to see Kev stroke a double showing signs of getting his hitting groove back. Plenty of training on fielding and hitting over the next two weeks and ready for a much better performance v our arch enemy Mariners.
2nd Grade - BYE
First Grade Report - Coach C.Blanch
Another disappointing loss for first grade this weekend. A 13-3 score line doesn't do the game any justice but we definitely weren't good enough today, the score was 3-1 until the blow out inning in the 7th. Again the umpires were pretty poor but our defence is really letting us down at the moment and hopefully we can fix that ASAP because we are too good of a team to be letting 24 runs scored against us in 2 games. Other then Tim Atherton’s bat which continues to be strong there isn't many positives to come out of the game. Special thanks to 2nd and 3rd grade for coming out to support us today. Everyone enjoy the fortnight off clear the mind and come back refreshed for a big round 3.




22/04/2017  Eagles V Cardinals (Away)

1st Grade Report  - Coach C.Blanch

We finally got out on the field and it wasn't the result we wanted against the cardinals however it was good to get the season started, loosen up the arms and dusts some cob webs off.
Defensively we were scratchy but it was great to see the bats come alive so early on in the season.
Stand out players for the day;
Barney threw a great 6 innings even though some game changing calls went against us.
Special mention for Tim Atherton first home run of the season and Mick ship with 2 clutch hits in a crucial part of the game. Bring on round 2

2nd Grade Report Coach B. Shipp

Well, how good was it to finally step onto a field in a uniform!. Good turnout guys for 2’s in our first game of 2017 in round 4. With Vince, Mitch and Pat away somewhere, enjoying beverages I am sure. We put on a reasonable showing considering our training has been disrupted and no games under our belt.

Welcome to Jordan Comer, glad to have you onboard with us. A nice outing on the hill for you, which shows 

promise for us as we get more games. We shall see what else you have to offer over the following games.

Welcome to 2’s Waz, nice to have you join us. Our new batboys did good also.

Pitching from Dom was fair early on, but the good thing, was the fact that you hung in and fought out of some tight spots.

Just need to find your rhythm and be more consistent around the plate, your speed was definitely too much for most of the Cards, 

but they were patient and we gave away far too many walks.

Our hitting wasn’t on par with Cards, they put bat on ball more than us, but there was some good contact amongst us and this will improve over coming weeks.

I think we have a good squad and can have some fun and good games this year.

Training each Tues. arvo (4pm onwards) when ground is ok, batting in tunnel Friday arvo. Let’s get amongst it guys

Was really good to see nearly every 2nd grade player hang around and watch a good game in 1’s also.

Next weekend we begin the crazy part of our 2017 draw, with 1st grade and 3rd grade playing Pirates at home whilst 2nd grade have the bye

Then the following week, all teams have the bye, whilst the NSW Country Senior Champs are on at Blacktown. So 2 byes in a row for 2nds but we shall be there to support our other grades and also do some canteen duty next weekend when we may be playing at home (Fred Finch)

3rd Grade Report Coach S. Lewer

Our first game of the season showed that we are in for an interesting and fun season. Game one was a mixture of great baseball and some very clunky hitting. We started well with Graeme and Troy dominating the Cardinal hitters and solid left fielding by Vic that kept the Cards to 2 runs early in the game. Our hitting has a long way to go to our standard of 2016 but enough to get us ahead in the first third of the game. We made a few "rusty, early in the season" errors giving the Cards too many opportunities to score. This lead to us losing the lead which we didn't regain.

We need to improve in our fielding,....which we will, and improve our hitting....which we will. The basics for a great season are there. We want to be a development team for juniors coming into senior baseball and also older players wanting to improve. With our stellar senior players, there is no better place for those who want to learn and improve.  Very much looking forward to many great baseball moments and our first win